When function and fashion unite.

We are a Danish brand that take pride in creating a symbiosis of functionality, smart design, and price. That means we supply equipment and clothing for quality-conscious riders who are not accustomed to compromise. We constantly renew our products to meet your demands. Our products are manufactured according to the strictest quality requirements, and they are sold in specialty stores worldwide.

  • Montar Yati

    Special made for our breeches. Feel the difference with 360 degrees flexible support, strong and durable elasticity – AND dirt and water repellent features (and much more). Find your new Yati Breeches, available as normalwaist, highwaist, extra-highwaist, with fullgrip, kneegrip or fabric knee. Sizes from 32-56.

  • Montar Mon-Tech

    Explore an incredible lightweight and elastic quality for our tops. The fabric transports sweat away from your body, so you can remain dry. Mon-Tech has a great bounce-back retention, which allows the shirts to stretch and naturally follow the body's movements without losing the fit.

  • Montar Softshell

    One of our favorite materials for active riders, especially here in Scandinavia! We made a few upgrades for the well-known softshell material - togehter witth high elasticity and high quality look, our softshell breeches give you also warmth with fleece lining.

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Organic Leather?

Our bridles are tanned naturally by plant enzymes instead of chemicals (chrome).

The vegetarian tanning process is a long process done with oil and extract/juice of bark, plants, branches, roots, and seeds. Tanning with plants is extremely in-depth and up to 80% of the tannic acid is absorbed into the leather, thus leaving little surplus material - what is in excess is even 100% biodegradable.

Vegetable-tanned is generally very durable compared to leather tanned with chemicals and very environmental friendly. One of the best features in organically tanned leather is the reduced risk of skin irritation and allergies. Feel the difference!